Ain’t Nobody…

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My favorite pop culture quote is this lady saying “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.  It is so true.  Some days as I add more things into my life I wonder where will I find the time…some days I do, some days I don’t.  Blogging is one of those things.  I think about it every week but to take the time to sit down and write is another story.  I have to really concentrate when I write and in my house it is never quite.  Where have I been you ask?  Well don’t get me wrong I have been busy thinking of ideas and new layouts to post and even started a video but that’s about as far as it got.  I have discovered some great new CTMH products that I wanted to share as well as some new techniques.  I promise I will post those soon.  I also have some very cute layouts to show you that me and my scrapbook pals did for a local charity auction to benefit the Spay and Neuter Foundation in our area.  I got wind they were having a silent auction as part of their fundraiser and I asked if they thought a pet-themed scrapbook would be something they’d be interested in.  The auction organizer thought that was a great idea.  Well then it dawned on me….”Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  What had I gotten myself into?!  I had already offered up one of those cute mesh and ribbon wreaths but I was going to ask a friend to actually make that since I can make them just not for a paying customer.  When was I going to find time to do TWO scrapbooks….with a 7 year old child, soccer, hockey, school, my work, husband, the holidays approaching, caring for my critters as well as volunteering to foster a pet,  and running my mom to doctor almost every other week?

Thankfully I have some great ladies who I scrapbook with twice a year.  We have a Facebook Page and I just went on there and said “Hey do ya’ll want to help?”  The response was more than I could have dreamed.  Most of them are dog lovers so doing something to help was totally up their alley.  I was the only true cat person so I ended up completing the cat album.  We ended up with a dog album, a cat album and an album with both cat and dog pages.  Once I got started I could whip out a page in nothing flat!  It was even fun and got me back into the mood to scrap.


I will share just this one I did for the cat album but there were so many others to share later.


The auction is this week so I hope we can raise some money for the cause!  Now I can get back to doing regular scrapbooking, work on a Christmas Wreath I want to make, some jewelry I want to make and oh yeah the rest of my life……Who’s got time for that!

Universal Overlay

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Have you purchased a cartridge lately that required the use of the Cricut Universal Overlay?
I recently ordered Create a Friend from Hallmark and forgot about the new Universal Overlay…so I had to then go back and order that. When the overlay came in the mail I immediately tried out my new cartridge. Was a little skeptical about having to use such a generic overlay with the newer cartridges but I was soon pleasantly surprised.

I should have taken a picture of the book from this cartridge but as you see from the cartridge box it’s about 3 x 3.  The book was so easy to follow with the universal overlay.


Basically, with each imagine you want to cut you press one of the F keys and a number or a Shift-F key and a number.  So much easier than the traditional books and overlays.  For example, all imagines that went along with this cut you used the number 8 key.  Didn’t have to locate the imagine on the keypad or anything…just the number 8 and that’s pretty obvious right?


So when you first order one of these new cartridges, don’t forget your universal overlay.  Just have to buy it once.  Have not seen it yet at my local scrapbook/craft supply stores but there are plenty of online retailers who sell it.  Enjoy!


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Sometimes you have to get away the everyday in order to fuel your creative self. For me it is a long weekend at the lake with a few of my best scrapbooking buds. We do this twice a year at a Scrapbook Retreat about an hour and a half from my house. One of these such weekends was about two weeks ago and although I didn’t stay the usual time I stay (Thursday thru Sunday) I felt like I actually got a lot done.

On this retreat I used some of the items I got at the Scrapbook Expo. One of items was templates from Kiwi Designs. I was not really sure about these new products and neither were some of the ladies retreating with me. The templates were so elementary. Just cut out pieces of plastic. We were all so used to using our cricuts to cut out shapes that I thought I may have wasted my money on these basic tools. Turns out I was wrong. The basis of Kiwi Lanes is to frame your pages and the possibilities are endless .  You can Google Kiwi Lane Designs to get more information but here are a few shots of the process.

Line your templates onto your page and draw a mark.

Move away the right and draw a line using the templates.  My friends were horrified having to use scissors!


Once you’ve cut both sides you have you have your frames.


Inking the pages helps hides pencil lines and adds to look.


I didn’t go ALL Kiwi Lanes but here is a sample of a page were I used the Kiwi Lane Templates.



Oreo Dessert Recipe

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This weekend I am at a scrapbook retreat with my dear friends. We do this twice a year and although I am still semi-recovering from recent surgery I could not pass up a chance to get away and do some serious scrapbooking and gossiping. I didn’t get here until Friday but have accomplished a lot which I will show later but first off I’m going to share somebody else’s handy work.  Featured today is a recipe page done by my friend Leslie C. She scrapbooked this Oreo Dessert recipe of her mom’s. She used the Cricut Sweet Shop cartridge to make this cute little jar and a 1 1/2 inch circle hole punch to cut out these oreo cookies.  You can’t tell from the picture but she did a little recycling with the cookie jar.  Vellum was too thick and you couldn’t see the detail of the embossed cookies so she reused some clear packaging from some other scrapbook embellishment.  Worked perfectly!  Now if she’ll just make me this dessert….we’ll be good