Dog House

al109_9271974-2-pn1This is probably not interesting to anyone but myself and my family but I wanted to write a little in dedication to the little critters we loved and lost of the years.  I’ll start with the dogs

Bugle Ann – She was my first dog and she was a Beagle.  Someone stole her and her puppies from our yard.

Bumpkin – She was my mom’s taco dog.  She was very old when I was little and I don’t really remember her.

Joey – aka Bubba’s Pal Joey.  He was a black cocker spaniel that my great uncle Arlie got for my brother when we were little.

Taffy – aka Miss Peanut Butter Taffy.  Another taco dog of my mom’s.  Taffy had a hard life.  She was attacked by a neighborhood dog and had lots of stitches.  She was pretty old when we finally had to have her put to sleep but the reason was was because she’d been kicked by a cow.  She had followed me out to the pasture and that’s when that happened.

Bucky – I got Bucky from the pound when he was a puppy.  I wanted a beagle and he looked like a beagle mix.  I’ll never forget that day at the pound because another dog ( a benji dog) kept looking at me but I was afraid to bring home two dogs since I was still living at home.  The guy even said he’d give me two for the price of one.  I always regretted that.  Bucky loved to swim in the pool and when my parents moved to the country he loved the pond as well.  He got hit though by a car shortly after they moved.  Bucky’s death was really hard on my Dad who loved that dog so much he’d practically become my Dad’s dog.  We buried Bucky with his favorite teddy bear.

Annie – Right after high school I went to a house of a friend and they had these cute little puppies and I brought one home just to show my parents how cute she was knowing full well we’d keep her.  We had Annie for a long time.  She had cancer and I can’t remember if the cancer got her, old age or a car but I’m thinking it could have been old age and the cancer.  She was the best dog and we never had a problem with her going in the house.

Sparky – was a little mix dog about the size of annie (small) that my brother picked up.  The one thing I remember about Sparky is she used to like to herd the Banny chickens (small chickens).

Riley – Riley decided he wanted to live at my mom’s and so he stayed.  My brother was about to take him off somewhere but then he got sick and we felt sorry for him so he stayed.  He got better and was really a good dog except he liked to jump fences.  Again after years and 100’s of dollars in fences my brother was about to take him to the pound so he came to live with me.  He was fine for awhile until I tried to fence him in.  He ate through wire, he ate through wood, he ate through the backdoor, he and my other dogs destroyed my house because he’d chewed through the pet door and they all got in one rainy stormy night WHILE I WAS OUT OF TOWN!  I let this happen twice then finally I took him to a Animal Welfare place for them to find him a home where he was not fenced up.  I truly loved that dog but had had enough.  Riley was a German Shepard/Doberman Pincher mix.

Bailey – Another attempt for me to have a Beagle.  I got Bailey from The Ark, a no -kill shelter.  At first it was just me and Bailey but then I started adding to my dog population and my cat population.  I was single and lonely and that’s what I did…I collected animals.  It got to were I had too many and they didn’t get the attention they needed.  Bailey loved to go walking and loved being in the house and I didn’t have time for either or space.  I finally asked the Shelter if they would take her back and find a more suitable home.  Bailey didn’t do well in the Shelter at first and had a seizure one night during a storm.  I think she’d had a bad experience (maybe when they chewed into the house) with storms and lightening and there she was in a cage by herself..she freaked.  Thankfully they let her roam free in the shelter with the shelter dog until they found her a home with a retired couple who loved to take walks.  I hope she was happy then.  I regret I didn’t get to spend time with her more.

Scooby – I got Scooby at the Humane Society.  She escaped from my backyard her first day with me and I probably would have never seen her again if I hadn’t opened the car door and she saw that and came running.  She went to live at my mom’s farm and is happy there.  Scooby is a digger and will dig a hole and turn around and bite at the dirt she has just stirred up.  I think she has issues.  She’s a medium size black dog..maybe a lab mix.  Scooby died December 2011.

Angel – A black and white speckled (I think it’s called merle) Great Dane who thinks she’s a small house dog, loves to carry a chew toy around and when she’s in heat, digs herself a nest and she and her chew toy lay in it.  She’s the reason Tina will come to live with me.  Angel died in 2010.  We believe she lived long past her life expectancy,

Tina – aka the Hyenna.  Rescued from a flea market by my sister and came to live with me because Angel had her in her mouth.  Tina is a mixed dog…possibly a Skipperkee mix.  I had to have Tina put to sleep in 2011.  It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do mainly because I stayed with her as they gave her the shot.  She was having congestive heart failure and was suffering but I wanted to be with her.

Junk Yards – aka Muffy and Babs.  A co-worker found them and was about to take them to the pound but I took them.  They are Sharpi and pitbull mixes we believe.  Muffy is cream and Babs is black. They were so cute as pups but now they look like old junk yard dogs and the fight like them too.  The junk yards love water and when they were younger they’d dig big holes near the fence and if the hole got filled up with water they’d bury themselves in the mud and water.  In 2008 Babs went blind in one eye after a fight but we don’t know if that caused it or something else.  A few weeks later Muffy suddenly died and we have no idea what happened to her.  Muffy passed away in 2009

Liz – Another Beagle mix that might brother-in-law brought over.  I got Liz and my sister got Emma who was more an Australian heard dog mix.  Liz became the foster mother to the Junk dogs.  Liz died suddenly last year after we’d discovered a tumor on her leg.  We really don’t know if that caused her death or not.

Greta – She was a German Shepard mix and a stray.  She’s obviously had a very hard and sad life and was skin and bones when she was found.  My mom got her fixed and got all her shots and she was starting to become a health happy dog but somehow and maybe from her last visit to the vet or maybe she had it all along but Greta contracted Distemper and ended up dying horribly.  It was so sad because she was now safe and happy but that was too short lived.

Charlie – I’ve already written about my Charlie.  The little taco dog mix I found the day after 9/11.   My little Charlie is gone now.  We don’t know how old he was but he was old and I loved him.

Skiddle – She moved back with my sister but Skiddle was a big buddy of Angel’s.  Skiddle is a black dog and may be a Rottie mix.  Skiddle was so funny.  When it was hot outside, Skiddle would sit in the water tub.  In 2008, my sister had to have Skiddle put to sleep.  They suspect she had cancer.  She was a great dog.

Rusty – My newest dog that I adopted summer of 2007.  Rusty is a red and white beagle and is so pretty but he’s s young dog and was destroying everything in my backyard until we fenced off a section just for the dogs. Rusty is allergic to stuff and has had all kinds of skin problems.

Mickey – although my Mom has not officially decided Mickey can stay….Mickey has pretty much adopted my mom.  He hung around for several weeks but then disappeared.

Penny –  Early 2011,  my brother found this little puppy in a ditch while he was picking up cans.  He brought her to my mom’s then I adopted her.  She is a welcomed addition to my little zoo and will hopefully get my olders dogs moving because she loved to play.  She didn’t stay small for long and had to be separated from the other dogs because she was now bigger and being young was too playful.

Red – My 2012 Foster Dog from HELP Snap of Alabama.  Yeah he started out as a foster dog but I knew I’d probably keep him.  He’s a smaller breed and almost looks like a midget pitbull.  He’s red and white and so playful and funny.  He took up right away with Rusty and Penny and actually had Rusty running…..which he needed to do since Rusty is fat.  Red was his name when I started to foster him and although that would not be his name otherwise, it kinda stuck.

There have been so many dogs over the years I hope I got them all.  Most were strays or rescues and there were even a few we managed to find homes for before we got too attached like another black Scooby who was a lab mix and some puppies my brother in law found.  We loved them all.


4 thoughts on “Dog House”

  1. Jennifer said:

    I am friends with Jolene, the middling monettes. She is forcing me to get into blogs. 🙂 Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading about your dogs. I never had a dog until I started going with my now husband. Ten years later, we have four currently. We lost two and I was just looking into some Memorial trees today, maybe why I got nostalgic reading about your dogs.

  2. Thanks Jennifer. Yeah it was nostalgic just writing about them and remembering….got a little teary too. I had more to say about each but there were so many I just didn’t have the time….I haven’t even started “my Ode to our cats”. which will be equally as long.

  3. Hey there, I don’t know why but I thought of you just now while reading this review:

  4. A good and fine line of dogs.

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