Have you purchased a cartridge lately that required the use of the Cricut Universal Overlay?
I recently ordered Create a Friend from Hallmark Scrapbooking.com and forgot about the new Universal Overlay…so I had to then go back and order that. When the overlay came in the mail I immediately tried out my new cartridge. Was a little skeptical about having to use such a generic overlay with the newer cartridges but I was soon pleasantly surprised.

I should have taken a picture of the book from this cartridge but as you see from the cartridge box it’s about 3 x 3.  The book was so easy to follow with the universal overlay.


Basically, with each imagine you want to cut you press one of the F keys and a number or a Shift-F key and a number.  So much easier than the traditional books and overlays.  For example, all imagines that went along with this cut you used the number 8 key.  Didn’t have to locate the imagine on the keypad or anything…just the number 8 and that’s pretty obvious right?


So when you first order one of these new cartridges, don’t forget your universal overlay.  Just have to buy it once.  Have not seen it yet at my local scrapbook/craft supply stores but there are plenty of online retailers who sell it.  Enjoy!