These past couple of weeks have been very busy and very stressful with both goods things and bad. A good thing was a few weeks ago I attended the Scrapbook Expo in Duluth, GA with three of my scrapbooking friends. We headed over there Thursday afternoon and were at the Expo bright and early Friday morning. None of us had ever been to one before and didn’t know what to expect. Needless to say we were not disappointed and spent lots of money picking up some new scrapbooking supplies. We also took a couple of classes which was fun. The most fun was the mini album class we took although I didn’t bring the right tools (should have brought my paper cutter with a ruler) and we didn’t get to finish the album. We also took a class which was mostly just a product review and you took home lots of Freebies. I wasn’t as impressed with that one mostly because the freebies were not that special and were actually not truly freebies since we paid for the class. 🙂

I was introduced to some products and brands that I was excited to find. The first product we fell in love with was from the first workshop we did. The company is called FarmHouse Paper and we used the products to make a cute little mini-album for recipes. I loved these products and when I ever get around to opening up my own scrapbook store (either online or brick and mortar) I plan on carrying it since we can’t find it in out area. Here’s the website so check it out:

Another big hit was the bargain scrapbook supply booth where everything was a dollar, Jennie Bowlin Designs, Kiwi Designs and Paper Wizard laser cuts.

The Scrapbook Expo was overwhelming! We were in Heaven with all the vendors. The four of us had adjoining rooms so Friday night we all put all the scrapbook goodies we found on our beds to see who bought the most stuff! I’m happy to say I did not win (although maybe I did). We literally shopped till we dropped. I was so tired. We even went back Saturday for some last minute things. We had planned on getting up early so we could get a chance to win the big door prizes but were so tired decided to sleep in and go later in the morning.

We got home Saturday afternoon and I was worn out. I thought it was from the long trip and the lack of sleep the night before but after laying down for a bit I got up and told my husband I needed to go to the emergency room. This was about 9:00pm Saturday night. I couldn’t catch my breath. I thought I was having a heart attack! It was serious if I wanted to go to emergency room for sure. So my husband grabbed up my son and we went. One hour wait was what the sign said. Well then I must have had a panic attack too but luckily they got me back very quick. Was not a heart attack thank God but turns out I was anemic and the symptoms of anemia is shortness of breath or even chest pain. This explained why had been so tired. But they did all kinds of tests while I was there and we finally got home around 2am. When I went to see my doctor a few days later they pricked my finger twice because they didn’t believe it was so low. But all is okay now. Doc gave me iron pills and I’m starting to feel better and ready to use all the bling I bought!