Talked to my mom this afternoon and she told me some sad news about one of the stray cats who had come up to her house. He was a young gray and white male less than a year old. She had named him Lamar and he’d been hanging around for maybe a month full time and had decided to camp out under her back porch and only come to garage to eat when he didn’t think the other cats were there. Lamar also had an injured leg like something had got a hold of him or he’d been in a fight. He was a very friendly little cat and although my mom didn’t want another cat but couldn’t turn him away, she’d been keeping an eye on his wound. It was starting to heal and Lamar had even buddied up with another cat named Ned. Ned had invited him to join him in the cat yard and eventually Mom let Lamar come inside out of the heat.

Lamar was still a little skittish and wasn’t sure about litter boxes though. He got along with the other cats and appeared relieved to be helped. Unfortunately Lamar’s wound got opened up again and we feared may be he had the feline leukemia. He didn’t act like he felt good even though he was happy laying on the cool floor of the cat room when I came to visit Sunday. My brother, who grumbles about the number of cats my mom feeds but still has a soft spot, took him to the vet. It was not leukemia, nor aids but a congenital liver failure. The vet told my brother Lamar may have a month, may be a few more with medicines but other all it would not end well. The vet said because Lamar was so young it had to be something he was born with and not contracted. Sadly, my brother had Lamar put to sleep and brought him home to bury him in the ever full pet cemetery that is my mom’s pasture.

Such a sad ending for such a sweet kitty. I had only met him a couple of times yet I’m crying like a baby. We see so many cats come and go at my mom’s. Some skittish, some friendly but all looking for something. My mom does her best to get the ones she can fixed but can’t always catch and help all.

Country cats have a hard life. Stray cats in the country even worse. People disregard animals all the time in the country. Dump cats, kittens, dogs in fields or back roads. Some get lucky and are fed and taken care of but there are so many who don’t.

Poor little Lamar is no longer suffering. I wish something could have been done but he was loved and that’s important.

And that’s my homeless pet rant. Feeling extra sensitive after finding out about Lamar and reading online about how the shelters are all full and it’s only July 2. Sad that we can’t save them all and that people are stupid.