I finally got my very own laptop that I can use for MY purposes.  Yeah I already had one but when I mysteriously deleted the print drivers and no telling what else from my husbands desktop, he needed to use my laptop to work on.  Still don’t know how I managed to mess up the desktop but I did.  If I wanted to I could still use the other laptop but it’s in my husband’s “room” where he has his stuff.  I got tired of stepping over weights, hockey equipment, boxes etc just to get to the laptop so I went online to Amazon and ordered the cheapest laptop I could find.  It is a Dell and very basic.  It has Windows 8 which is taking some getting used to and I need to get a mouse for it since I don’t like the mouse on a laptop but otherwise it’s just what I needed.

First thing after I set it up I downloaded Cricut Craftroom.  Several of my scrapbook friends used the Craftroom at our last retreat to merge letters together so I think that’s probably what I will use it most for plus very often you can make cuts on new cartridges for a short period of time and that might be fun.

My next thing will be setting up my photo editing software and setting up the printer (may let husband do that) so I can share photos.  I made several new cards and layouts my last retreat that I want to post as well as some recipe scrapbook pages I am working on.