okay…My exciting news!  Well it is exciting to me mostly because I love scrapbooking, shopping and sharing new products and ideas with friends and this new venture gives me a chance to do all that.  My friend Arabella moved to D.C. a couple of years ago and she contacted me last year about hosting a Close to my Heart EZ Online Party since she knew I had several scrapbook friends and she had recently signed up as a consultant.  I said sure but unfortunately I did it over Christmas and didn’t get very many orders.  After the holidays several friends said they forgot and the holidays was a  bad time to do that so I said I’d try it again. Well Arabella called me and said “Hey listen..I don’t want you to have another party…I want you to sign up as a consultant!”  I said “Oh I don’t know if I have time for that.  Another scrapping friend of mine used to sell Close to my Heart and had to quit because she didn’t have time so surely it would be the same for me since I work full time and have a very active 5 year old child. But she talked me into it…..because during the month of March, if you sign up as a consultant you not only get the consultant kit (which is loaded with stuff) but you also get the Cricut Art Philosophy Collection for free (it is worth $99).  And being the Cricut Queen that I am that was super since you can only get this cartridge through Close to My Heart!  I went online and signed up and paid and got my kit in about a week!  Am really excited to try the products and share with my friends.  I’m even having my own online/book party since the friends who were suppose to order before still have things they want.  I’ve already got a new favorite tool…..it’s a ruler with holes in it for poking holes to do stitching.  This is much cleaner and better than using the stamp set I have that lays out stitching lines for you to stitch.

Anyway, that’s my new adventure.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m already getting orders in and if you don’t know anything about Close to My Heart…check out my link on the left.  Very quality products and even a bargain hunter like me knows a quality product is worth paying for.