I must be ready for spring because the Cricut Mother’s Day Bouquet cartridge has been calling to me and although I have not been inspired yet I’ve been playing with the cartridge for the past day or so.  But of course leave it to me to have hundreds of dollars worth of supplies and don’t have what I think I need….a tool to distress my work.  Here’s what I was working on over the weekend:

I got inspired to make flowers after seeing the cover of the magazine Hobby Lobby puts out every few months. Then I saw a video on You Tube of a lady making Black Eyed Susan’s with the “Walking in My Garden” Cricut cartridge. I got the “Mother’s Day Bouquet” cartridge when it first came out in a cartridge bundle but didn’t think I’d use it. Then at one of my scrapbook retreats one of the gals tried it out and made some beautiful flowers for cards and I’ve loved this cartridge ever since. Like I said I’m not really inspired yet on what to do with the flowers so stay tuned to my little scrapbook blog and see what I can come up with. I bought this really nice big red watering can for my mom for mother’s day so my first thought if I can get it to look right is making a bouquet of Black Eyed Susan’s and arranging them in the watering can….oh well we’ll see.

Flowers are not the only thing I made this weekend. I actually was in and out of my scrapbook room a few times. Never could really decide what I wanted to work on. I kinda need to be by myself and well with a child at home with you who bless his heart wants to do crafts with you….it’s kinda hard to do that. The weather was beautiful over the holiday weekend but my little boy was a little snotty so he didn’t get to go outside and play much. He did however play in his room a lot which he doesn’t always do when he’s home. He usually drags everything to our room so he can be with us as he plays. But Friday I re-arranged his bedroom and bed and all of sudden he wanted to sleep in there and play in there. He’s been sleeping with us for well over a year but move his bed and he’s been sleeping in there since Friday night! Big step in our house and soon my shadows (the boy and the cat) will let me have some craft time!