I’ll admit I’m fairly new at the whole blog thing.  I have read that when you first start out blogging about a specific topic…it can be slow starting out but to keep on posting new stuff and visiting blogs with similar interests.  I love to visit other blogs and am inspired by all the ideas I see out there.  One day I heard some ladies at work talking about Pinterest so thought I would check it out especially when I saw some of the pictures people were “pinning”.  I signed up and got invited to join.  I still have not figured it all out but have done some searches on scrapbooking and crafty projects and have found some really cute things.  It’s funny that as soon as I joined..I started getting emails that people were “following me”.  Kinda freaky but okay…..Like I said I am still trying to figure it out but there are some beautiful things out there “pinned” by people with similar interests as me.

You can type in the word “scrapbook” and there are thousands of sites with products, ideas, and blogs like this where people can talk about and post their projects and ideas.  I’m still an amateur in scrapbooking and blogging about it but I hopefully one day I can share in my blog something that you might want to use.  I do work full time and want to spent time with my family but I do enjoy this hobby..talking about it and creating crafty things.

Okay this brings me to today Recipe scrapbook page.  Although it’s not hand written (because my hand writing is horrible) I used this cursive font and tried to make it look like a recipe card you might have in your recipe box.  I used the “From My Kitchen” Cricut Cartridge to cut out the cute little retro toaster.  The toaster I’ll admit was an after thought but really stands out on that page and was just what it needed.  This was one of the first pages I did for the book.