I have not blogged in awhile.  I just have not been myself, nothing to say and frankly I’ve been depending on my iphone and not my laptop to do just about everything (needless to say it’s hard to blog on your iphone).  But I think I am starting to feel like me again.  Don’t know what it is but I think it is I am finally back to a comfortable place in my life.  My job is going well.  Got promoted and am doing something I like.  It’s not even bothering me to be the flavor of the month in gossip row.  Don’t bother me none (and that’s a good feeling).  My knee is feeling good and the arthritis in my knees and thumbs is still there but manageable.  Just overall feeling okay.  I must be feeling myself again because I have started to get back involved with my professional club – even volunteering to put together another fund raiser cookbook, club t-shirts and create a club facebook page.  Even excited about the prospects of becoming club president again next year which me a while back might have just turned down claiming I have too much going on.  I’m reorganizing my scrapbook room again and hoping to start another blog which focuses on scrapbooking and maybe making a side business out of that.  Creating would be my career of choice but doesn’t pay as well.  I’ve even decided the heck with trying to finish my downstairs bathroom that has been gutted for two years because we can’t find the time to do anything with it.  I’m going to call a contractor.  It feels good to make a decision to be done with it. 🙂  I am praying 2012 is a good year.  Don’t want to get too big a head with 2011 ending on a good note but I can be optimistic.

But 2011 did bring some sad things as well and since I talk alot about my animals I guess I will share.  A couple of months ago my little dog Tina had to be put sleep.  Me and little boy came home one afternoon and she was laying near the other dogs pen and you could tell she couldn’t move and her breathing was labored.  I was thinking she had been doing well after I separated her from the other dogs.  Penny my youngest dog who is a little over active had been pestering her and the other dog Rusty hogs the food.  Tina had appeared to have gained weight and she was happy.  Turns out it was not weight gain but fluid had built up in her chest with congestive heart failure.  She was a barrel chested dog anyways but it happened fast.  I felt stupid when I told the doctor I thought she had gained weight though.  We immediately took her to the closest vet.  He wasn’t my usual vet but I had been to him before and he was near by.  I had never sat with an animal as the doctor gave them that final shot but I stayed with her and watch her go to doggie heaven.  It was really hard but I felt I had too.  My husband stopped by there on his way home after I texted him.  He took little boy home and then I brought Tina home and then took her to my mom’s the next day to bury her.  The vet sent me flowers the next day too which was a nice touch.

We also lost my Scooby dog who lived at my mom’s.  I adopted Scooby from the local Humane Society several years ago when she was between 2 and 4 years old.  Don’t even really know how old she was but she was a very old dog.  She went down hill pretty fast and my brother had planned to take her to vet on Monday since no vets where they live are open on weekends but she died Sunday night.  She was a very good dog although silly at times.  She used to dig holes in the yard then try and bite at the dirt she was flipping out of the holes.  I had forgotten about that.  It was funny. RIP my pups.