I really don’t take the time to write much anymore.  I am going to try and do better.  It’s a really hot day where in North Alabama.  Day before yesterday I was wrapped up in a blanket it was so cold and today I’ve turned down the air conditioner….I fear it will be a long hot summer.  Which probably goes along with the year we’ve been having.  Record breaking snowfall….devastating multiple tornadoes….It has been almost something out of an end of the world movie….

But we are doing good.  We went without power for about 5-6 days.  The weather was nice most of the time we were without power too so it did not get overly hot in the house and we could be outside and not be miserable.  I finally couldn’t stand it and we ran off to Nashville a couple of days but overall we were thankful and lucky to have only lost a couple hundred dollars worth of groceries.  We never went out and bought a generator like some of the neighbors did but overall we were more prepared than usual to be in  situation like that.  I had plenty of batteries, candles, flashlights, a good radio, enough junk to eat and games we could play with little boy to keep him occupied.  After about three days, my husband did have to go to the next town over to find an iphone charger and gas but otherwise we were okay.  I felt so isolated….not being able to see what was going on around us.  Even when we went to Nashville all the news talked about was Tuscaloosa. 

My mom was closer to where the tornadoes hit than we were.  I would say they hit less than two miles from her house.  The most devastating one in her county hit on the road where my sister’s inlaws live and less than two houses away from where my sister and her family used to live.  It was very sad…a whole family perished….five people to include a 17-18 month old child.  With all the devastation and all the problems that went on in Alabama three weeks ago I can’t help but remember one morning we were listening to the radio and some stupid man called into the station bitching about the fact that he had not received a paper in three days…..okay there was no power in the city where the paper was printed….duh!  People can be stupid and evil which is very sad….All I know is I am thankful that the people I care about both family and friends are all okay and I pray for those who were less fortunate.