I’ve probably been a snorer for most of my life, even when I was young and skinny.  Sure my family joked about it but I didn’t care..okay I snored..big deal.  But as I got older and fatter, the snoring probably got worse, add a husband to that and it seems no one wants to sleep in the same room with me.  A couple of years ago at one of my scrapbook retreats, one of the girls who is a nurse told me she stood over me while I was sleeping to make sure I didn’t stop breathing the snoring was so bad.  I still laughed it off.

Lately, I have not been sleeping well it seems or at least it seemed more obvious.  I had trouble getting and staying asleep and I woke up feeling more tired than rested.  After a conversation with some co-workers and to learn how common sleep apnea was I decided to go see a Sleep Doctor.  Dr. R was my doctor and he recommended I have a sleep study done.  From everything I told him I figured I probably had sleep apnea and told me that sleep apnea can cause all kinds of problems.  He asked me point blank did I think it was normal for a 45 year old to have high blood pressure?  I guess it’s not normal but I just figured it was heredity or stress.  I asked him about my weight and would it help to lose weight.  He said in my case, weight was not as much a factor since it wasn’t like I was really obese..I’m just overweight…don’t gain any more.

My sleep study was scheduled for the next week.  I was to go to the clinic at 8:30pm.  I showed up and it was kinda scary since it was at the same building my doctor’s office was in and it was dark and not many cars.  I get to the sleep clinic and there sitting in the waiting room is an older heavy set woman.  There is no one behind the desk..just this woman sitting in the waiting room.  I ask her if she was here for the slumber party and she laughed.  Later, two middle aged men come in with their bags and pillows and then after that two elderly men.  At approximately 8:30 pm a sleep technician appears and calls back one of the middle-aged men.  About 3 minutes later another tech appears and calls my name and the name of one of the elderly man.  I was glad my tech was a girl.  She showed me to my room and said she’d be back.  Since the elderly man went to bed earlier she wanted to take care of him first.  She came back and told me about all the wires and asked what time I normally went to sleep and I told her 10.  I sat in the recliner in the room watching TV until about 10 and then she and another lady came in and got me all hooked up with wires.

I think I fell asleep fairly quickly but didn’t stay asleep long.  The room was freezing and I could not get comfortable with all the wires on me.  She came in and adjusted the temps a couple of times and moved one of the wires on my face since for some reason it itched like crazy.  It was a horrible nights sleep but they got the 6 hours they needed for the study.  I went home at 5:20am….climbed into the bed in my son’s room (since he was in bed with his Daddy as usual) and went back to sleep.  A few hours later I woke up long enough to see them off to work and school and take a shower.  They had put this really gross stuff in my head/hair so that the wires/electrodes would stick.  It took forever to get out of my hair too.  A bummed around the house a bit then laid down and took a nap…..it was a tiring experience to go somewhere uncomfortable, be hooked up with wires and then know that someone is watching you sleep!

I go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks to see what he says. I’m sure he’ll suggest a CPAT machine and hopefully insurance will pay for most of it.  I guess we’ll see.  If it will help me sleep better and live longer…I’ll make it happen.