I’ve always heard that things come in three’s. Around us that usually means death since we tend to lose our beloved pets in three’s. We will usually go a long time without losing one then BAM! one-two-three….This time our loses effected more than one member of our family and although I don’t like writing about sad things, the loss of these friends should not go uncommented on.

First off within the last couple of months we lost Ruby (One of my mom’s). Ruby was rescued by one of my friends in the parking lot of a local hotel over 10 years ago. My mom said she would take her even though we later found out Ruby was pregnant. Ruby lived a good life after that at my mom’s house in the country. Then fairly recently, my Mamaw lost one of her cats to the road. His name was Goldie and he was a long-haired yellow cat. He was a beautiful cat but was shy around everybody except my grandmother. Last Saturday, we lost Booger.   Booger was a solid black male who would have been one year old at the end of this month. He and his mother were among the many strays that adopted my mom. My brother found Booger in front of my mom’s driveway satuday. Mom told me about this on Sunday and I was very upset.

The weather has been nice and the kitties are roaming but I hope that’s the last loss we have for a while.