As if I did not have enough animals….I have another new addition to add to my little zoo.

Meet Penny, my new little black/brown/white puppy. About three weeks ago my brother was out picking up aluminium cans on my mom’s country road when he happened upon this little puppy in a creek bed. The puppy kept following him and since there were really no houses that close by he decided he couldn’t just leave her there so he brought her home. The next day I came out to my mom’s to take her grocery shopping and she said to me..”BTW we have a present for you in the dog pen”. My mom has a couple of dogs (courtesy of me) but she said she is too busy feeding and getting fixed all the cats in the neighborhood and she didn’t want to take on another dog. She knew I didn’t need one either but was happy I said I’d take her. Besides, who could turn down such a sweet little puppy.

I was almost afraid to put her in the back yard because my female dog is rather….bitchy and does not get along with everybody (which is why she is at my house and not my mom’s). Sure she snarled at Penny some but overall she doesn’t mind her nipping at her. But my beagle Rusty….loves the new puppy and I have not seen him move this much in a long time. He is still fairly young but has not had anybody to play with. He’s been playing with Penny and it has made me so happy. Now maybe he can lose some weight!

The first few weeks I had been keeping Penny inside in a crate and she had done very well but since we’ve had such mild weather and she’s getting bigger I have let her be out back all day and bringing her in at night.  I will probably let her stay outside full time very soon.  I think she is going to be a bigger dog much to my disappointment but that’s okay. Having an inside dog is alot of trouble so if she’s happy in the back yard…so am I!