My 4 1/2 year old son has had a special girl in his life (not counting his mommy) since he was very young. There was one little girl who up until a few months ago was in his daycare class this whole time. He’s always talking about her and when he sees things on TV he says he’s going to buy that for her etc etc. Probably within that last year or two I found out that this little girl has been the same way at home. She tells her mom and dad she is going to marry Garrett and one day even told them that one day she’ll have a ring to prove she belongs to him…LOL. When my son moved daycares I kept in contact with Kat’s mother and we’ve made arrangements for the kids to meet up or as we jokingly like to call it….a date….:-)

Tonight….the kids will be having a little date at the local bookstore storytime and my son will bring her a Valentine from him but this Valentine above is one I made to send to her in the mail from him. (See I think she’d get a kick out of getting one in the mail).

I used my Everyday Paperdolls cricut cartridge and cut my people at 3 inches. I used several valentine papers that I got at Target last week, a Wilton Cake decoration doilies and also used my Peachy Keen face stamps to make the faces.