Probably one of my favorite things to do is find bargains on scrapbook supplies. That may be why I could never go digital with my scrapbooks  because I just love buying scrapbook supplies and if I can get them at low prices it makes it even better! Here are some of my latest finds.

Target Super Store – Dollar bins:

This pretty Valentine’s paper will work perfectly for whatever valentines I decide to make. I’m thinking of making candy wrappers…At a dollar a pack for 6 sheets of glitter and/or foil papers..this paper is a bargain! At Halloween they had some really nice foil and/or glitter papers as well. They had some stickers and cut outs too but the real bargain is the paper.

T.J. Maxx:

At T.J. Maxx I found this nice pack of 48 sheets of patterned paper for about $5.99 and this Martha Stewart Home clear stamp set for $2.99. Stores like T.J. Maxx, Ross, Marshall’s etc are pretty much hit or miss. One day they might have tons of paper packs and the next week they won’t have anything left or anything different. But when you can find them they are pretty good bargains.  More hit-or-miss stores include Tuesday Mornings (which I recently discovered can also have some different supplies at pretty good prices)  as well as Big Lots and Ole Time Pottery.

A bargain-savvy scrapbooker shopper can find good and cheap scrapbook supplies in lots of places you might not think about.   You just never know where you are going to find a good scrapbook bargain… keep your eyes open…I know I do!