This is Suzy.  She’s my new kitten.  My sister’s cat had kittens and since I had been wanting a yellow cat she asked me if I wanted one.  Originally I had picked a beautiful orange and white male named DJ but DJ and another kitten died suddenly.  The momma cat had a parasite and the kittens evidently did too and just couldn’t survive it.  Unfortunately, Suzy is not really the 100% healthy my sister claimed.   Right now she has round worms and a slight case of conjunctivitis but we got her some medicine for that and hopefully she doesn’t start sneezing and runny eyes which would mean a worse upper respiratory infection.  She’s about 6 weeks old and was loaded with fleas.  I learned something at the vet yesterday…female yellow tabby cats are fairly uncommon..they are usually males.  Just so happens that Suzy’s Daddy was an orange and white Tabby and her momma was a Tortie and that is what it takes to make a female yellow tabby.  Also, I never knew you should remove fleas from small kittens by using Dawn dish wash since they are too young for advantage…fixed her right up.  Just praying Suzy improves and the other cats accept her.