Where the heck  have I been.  I can’t believe I am letting my poor little blog just sit here idly while I spend my days at work and my evenings well…on Facebook.  Yea I admit it I am  still addicted.  I check up on everybody and I farm 🙂  I don’t get much time in the evenings to myself and that’s what I do.  I will try and do some better blogging since we are staying busy.

I just got back from visiting the town I was born in and where I still have family.  My mom, my niece Ally and myself travelled to Texarkana, AR to visit my 91 year old Mamaw.  She was doing well but my mom fell and sprang her ankle 20 minutes after we got there and spent most of the trip on the couch.  The things she’ll do not to have to do anything…LOL.  We did end up staying longer than planned due to the bad weather in the south.  They were talking severe storms and flooding in two of the towns we’d be driving through and we decided to leave on a monday instead of sunday.  I’m glad we waited because we say what was left from some of the flooding in Tennessee and even some in Mississippi.  Water clear up to the road and in the median.  It was a nice sunny day driving home and we didn’t even get lost (we always get turned around at some point).  It was terrible about the flooding though….I knew of several folks going to a conference in Nashville at the end of the month and with the Opryland hotel flooded…they had to move it. 

Everything was fine when we got home except the fact that my 4-year old decided to be bashful and wouldn’t talk to me for a little while.  This is the fourth time I have left him since the beginning of the year.  Two business trips, a scrapbook retreat and now this trip.  I had planned on taking him but after a one day outing my mom decided he was too full of energy to spend 8 hours with in the car and thought he would probably wear my grandmother out as well just watching him….it hurt my feelings at first but then realized she was right.  We had a much better trip without running after my little bullet.  I love him and missed him but he was better off left with his Daddy. I don’t plan on leaving him any time soon after this.  I do miss the little thing.  It was funny how he ran his mouth forever when I got home.  I guess he missed talking to me 🙂

I’m getting a little mother’s day gift this weekend I believe…a new kitten.  My sister’s cat had more kittens and there were two yellow ones.  I had decided on the male, a beautiful orange and white tabby but unfortunately that one and her black and white one died.  Their mom had a parasite and the kittens got it too and were just too small to fight it off.  They were being medicated but it didn’t help.  I was very disappointed because that kitten was beautiful.  My sister decided she give up the female who was light yellow and I said okay as long as it is healthy.  My husband doesn’t know yet.  He knew the other one was coming (didn’t talk to me for a bit) but also knew it had died.  I’m just going to tell him I didn’t know my sister was bringing the female….*evil grin*  Other than that my weekend of being a mother will be spent working in the yard and I love that…I love working in the yard and the weather will be great for it…..only thing I asked for from my hubby was for him to take my car to get washed…..that’s all I really need.

Fudge would be nice too but with a trip to the beach in two weeks..probably not a good idea.  Yes I’m headed to the beach…the gulf…where the oil spill will probably spoil our plans for eating seafood and hanging out on the beach….can’t wait 🙂

Work is going good….I am more busy than I have ever been and I love it.  Finally feel like I’m doing grown up work.  I also still love my office mates and am getting along with everyone great.  We take our job serious but still have a good time.