It was the day after the 9/11 attacks and the gates on post were backed up for over a mile due to the increased security.  I decided that my time would be better spent cutting through the back roads off the main stretch and stopping at the Wal-Mart and just go on in another gate.  So I got out of line and proceeded to one of the side streets and as I got into a turning lane I saw this little brown and white dog running up to cars in the turning lane.  Afraid he would get hit I opened my car door and helped the little dirty stinky thing inside the car and just kept driving on to my mom’s house.  I called her on the way and told her what I had picked up.  I had always had regrets about seeing dogs on the road and not stopping only to later see them run over so I wasn’t going to let anything happen to this dog.

This little dog immediately became known as Charlie..the name just fit.  I advertised for FOUND DOG and called the dog pound to see if anyone had reported a lost dog.  One lady came by thinking it was hers but he wasn’t.  I knew I’d keep him.  He was cute, housebroken, got along with the cats and the dogs and was the perfect little house dog.  Charlie was full of personality too.  I’d dress him up in Halloween costumes and sweaters and he didn’t seem to mind too much.  Charlie had a little hedgehog toy that he just loved and all you would have to do is squeak it and he’d come running.  This was especially good one night when husband (then boy friend) were about to go out to dinner and Charlie got out.  Since he was a roamer and loved going on walks he just kept going before I was able to get outside and call him.  We walked and drove through the neighborhood calling him until I came up with the idea to bring the hedgehog……he was at the local park and heard the hedgehog and came running.  He loved that hedgehog.

Charlie also loved the cats and especially our newest dog Rusty.  When I brought Rusty home Charlie decided he wanted to be outside and he and Rusty became pals. 

During the last year Charlie’s health began to fade.  When I found him the vet said he was an older dog but I didn’t know exactly how old that meant and like I said I found him the day after 9/11 and we know how many years ago that was so he was getting on up there in age.  Over the course of this past year I believe he may have had a stroke, became almost completely blind and was hard of hearing.  He was losing weight and getting bloated when he ate so we thought maybe he had worms.  My husband called me during my recent business trip and I had planned on taking him to the vet when I got home.

Night before last I went outside and brought Charlie inside the garage since it was so cold.  He curled up in the little bed in the garage and went to sleep and didn’t eat his supper.  I had just found some canned dog food he could easily eat but he didn’t eat it that night.  When I woke up yesterday morning I found my beloved little dog asleep forever.    Mom and I were going to the dentist and on our way back to her house I brought Charlie to her house to be buried near his favorite cat Eddie who passed away a few years ago.   My brother dug a grave but it wasn’t near Eddie but near my other cat Judy and our dog Liz and my mom’s cat Chloe.  It was a very difficult day and I can’t believe my little dog is gone.  I loved that little stinky dog.