It’s Christmas eve and I am at work. Thankfully, I’m only here half day and I won’t be back at the office until the new year. Nothing really going on which finally gives me a chance to write a post. It’s been a long time…..I have been at my new job since about October. I really like it and have settled in quite well I think. Sure I miss my other friends and co-workers but I don’t miss the drama that’s happening right now as they change management. This office is smaller and so far…no drama. I have even adapted very well to a regular schedule and I actually get to work on-time and with a good attitude….LOL.

My semi-supervisor will retire at the end of Jan and a few months after that I will assume her job which is both exciting and stressful.

Things at home are getting exciting as we await the arrival of Santa Claus. Little boy has really gotten in to the Christmas spirit and tells us every day that it is not Halloween time…it’s Santa Claus time. It tickles me when I pick him up from daycare and he shows me some pictures they’ve colored and points out Jesus, Jesus’ momma, Jesus’ Daddy and Jesus’ Momma’s horse. He is also singing lots of the Christmas songs he’s learned at school which is fun. They had their Christmas program last week which we had looked forward to seeing and just knew he’d be a ham and sing (even if it was the theme from Spiderman) but unfortunately they woke the children up from their naps (only 40 minutes) and little boy just stood on the stage rubbing his eyes and picking his nose. They should know better than to wake 3 year olds up and expect them to be perking. He was back to normal about 20 minutes after we got home. We had also expected him to be a sheperd in the program since he’d been one in practice but evidently he got demoted because he was not dressed as one on stage. Not sure if it was the Spiderman webs he was shooting in practice or the fact that the sheperds held cane poles and I can imagine he used it as a weapon…..

After the program we went to the Mall to see Santa and although he was kinda shy, little boy did tell Santa he wanted a Batman house.

The Batman house…..little boy has been talking about this house he saw at Target way back in the summer. It’s like a doll house for Batman and has a cave and a draw bridge and comes with a Batman figurine and Robin and a motorcycle I think…..of course I ordered one months ago and had it delivered to my mom’s. It will be under the tree tomorrow. 🙂