Although it’s a necessary thing to do sometimes….I hate having to find homes for animals. Seems I got in the loop for every animal lover I know. Someone will send them an email about a cat or dog needing a home and they forward to me. It’s not that I don’t want to help..I do…I just feel so guilty if I can’t take them or know anybody who can.

Another example is all the stray cats at my mom’s having kittens. They don’t always actually have them at my mom’s but I guess it’s the lucky ones that are born there because my mom either keeps them or we find homes. She’s got 4 four kittens now from two different mothers. Ned, who I introduced you to earlier will be kept by my mom. This is mostly because they became attached to him after his hernia surgery. He’s a beautiful boy and I would actually like to bring him home. Little Tabby only had the one kitten but her friend or child, Snowface had three kittens under my Mom’s deck. They are about 7-8 weeks now and still not 100% tame but my mom has them up on the porch and is trying to tame them. This of course means we have to find homes for them since my mom (nor I) can have any more.

Years ago I probably wouldn’t have thought a thing about finding homes for cats or kittens but it is sometimes hard to do when you know the person you give them to….like say when something happens to the animal. We are sometimes too picky about finding homes and sometimes that’s good and sometimes that’s bad. One cat (Ruby) had some kittens (several) and we put up a sign at the vet’s and a lady adopted two of them. She didn’t know my mom but called several weeks later to let my mom know how the kittens where doing only to upset my mom to find out this lady was letting them go outside when we thought they were two young to be out. One of the other kittens was adopted by a co-worker who I was actually afraid to let adopt because I didn’t know him well enough only to find out that that cat was loved so much it wasn’t funny. His daughters even had a birthday party for Daisy and they kept very good care of her.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so picky. A young girl at my old office had talked about wanting a cat. I know she lives at home with her parents and she had to ask her dad. They are wanting to adopt two of these newest kittens but I was afraid they’d just throw them outside so I had to quiz her. Now I’m afraid we’ll let her have them and something will happen to them and of course I’ll end up finding out and be upset.

It’s just really tough. I’m trying to remember that no matter what these kittens or any kitten has a better chance than they would if they were just running lose. Snowface’s previous litter of two didn’t last 6 months before they got run over. They were pretty feral but were coming to eat at my mom’s which most of the strays do and got hit going back across the road. I don’t want that same fate for Sheila, Sid, and TJ.