After waking up this morning at the crack of dawn with a little boy who wanted to lay in bed and cuddle..then started crying because mama had to go take a shower….I really started to regret taking this new job.  I know this feeling is only temporary but needless to say I was feeling pretty homesick for my old job this morning.  With my old job, my comings and goings were pretty flexible.  My boss didn’t come in till 8 and heck the timekeeper (if she came in) came in between 8:30 and 9 (although she was suppose to be there at 7:30).  My boss was pretty flexible and as long as you did your work he didn’t watch you.  It usually all worked itself out.  One day you might be a few minutes late and the next you might have to stay or not get a lunch.  Although life was good there… wasn’t going to last forever because this boss will probably retire next year and I’m sure that kind of environment will not stay in place which is one of the reason I decided to leave while I could.

In my new job, it’s a very professional environment as far as comings and going.  Most of the office comes in at 6 or 6:30 and goes home early.  I think I’m the only one working the 9 hour days and I’m only doing that so I can still get every other friday off.  It’s really hard working 9 hours when in the afternoon it’s just you and the boss especially on fridays.  Hopefully this will get better once I know more about what’s going on.  I think part of the reason I’m depressed and homesick is because I haven’t actually been given much yet.

I pray life gets better here.  I’m sure it will…heck it’s only been two weeks…..