This is Ned.  He’s a little kitten at my Mom’s.  Ned’s mother (a stray who comes to my Mom’s) brought him up a few times and he even crossed the road on his own a couple of times.  My mom was really worried about him but he really came to be a concern one day when they realized he had a cold and was pretty sick.  Because he was sick he was more tame than he had been and my Mom and brother noticed a big knot on his belly.  They took him to the vet to have him checked out and the big knot was what is called an umbilical hernia.  They left him at the vet to have it removed.  If it had not been fixed he would have died because those things get up in there and choke out the other organs or something like that….he would have died.  Although my mom doesn’t want or need anymore cats she felt she needed to help this little baby.  After his bandage and stitches were removed my brother built a nice big pen for him and they bring him in the house for a bit every day to socialize him.  He’s really sweet and although I said I didn’t need another cat (for the sake of my marriage) I may end up with him because…..they found one of the other stray females under the porch with may be three kittens.  She must have just had them too…..My mom is going to try and catch the female strays and get them fixed before they have more babies.  It’s a shame how some people just don’t realize where babies come from and get there cats fixed….there are so many strays that come to my mom’s.  Some she don’t know if they originate across the street at her neighbors or someone dumps one and it just multiplies..  It’s a never ending battle and we can’t save them all.  😦 But we try….