We just returned from a week at the beach.  We had a good trip…only one afternoon of rain and thankfully came home before the effects of hurricanes came through.  To my surprise little boy was almost (and I mean almost) totally potty trained for the trip.  He actually held it till we came to a gas station or rest stop AND got out of the pool to potty which is totally surprising.  Most trips were with me to the Ladies Room except for that one time at a rest stop outside of Birmingham where he chose to “water a tree”.  We were very impressed.

First full day there husband got stung by jellyfish and little boy refused to walk on the sand or get near the ocean (not because of the jellyfish…just because).  We finally got him to the beach the last day but he had to be carried out there and would only sit on a towel while his mommy built sand castles and hunted for shells (and fetched shells for him too).  But he loved the pool.  We were out there every morning when the pool opened and stayed till lunch then went back out in the afternoon.  I think he only napped one or two days which was unfortunate because that meant he fell asleep before we could go to dinner.  I absolutely refuse to cook or clean while on vacation and husband loves seafood so going on is what we loved to do.  One night we couldn’t wake him and ended up having bologna sandwiches for dinner….blah….I was already eating those for lunch.

While we were down there we ran into some friends of ours.  We were waiting to get a table outside the Original Oyster House when husband went inside to the bar to get little boy some soda when a guy at the bar looked over and then nudged him…..It was our friends Rob and Z who had made a last minute trip down there for their anniversary.  We had not seen them in awhile so it was really good to see them and quite funny that we did down at the beach.

I get an email from my mom who was suppose to go check on my animals and it turns out she can’t find the key to my house.  If it wasn’t for the heat I probably wouldn’t have worried but I was afraid they’d run out of water.  Thankfully she found the key and they went and checked on everybody.  I could now enjoy the rest of my vacation knowing they were okay.  It’s hard to travel anywhere when you have so many pets.  Of course with Buster gone it feels like I don’t have hardly any but most people would agree…4 cats and 3 dogs is a lot of pets.  I can’t help being such an animal lover…you can imagine how upset I got down at the beach to see three black cats hanging outside a seafood restaurant right there on the Gulf highway (very close to the road).  Of course I gathered leftovers and gave them some (probably shouldn’t have encouraged that but couldn’t help it).

While at the beach, I made the mistake of checking my work messages one afternoon and discovered the lady who I had interviewed with had called and wanted to talk to my current supervisor.  I emailed her back and told her she could but that I was at the beach and had not had a chance to tell him about the interview.  She agreed to wait and this morning I told him….We’ll have to wait and see about that one. 

So back to the grind for us……all the animals were okay when we got home and even though we loved the beach I was sorta glad to be home…at least to sleep in my own bed….knowing all the work that needs to be done around the house isn’t fun but…it’s home….