After all my fretting over looking for a new job (since I don’t see much potential where I’m at and not happy with the direction the organization is going)….I finally got an interview yesterday.  The interview went pretty good I think and they seemed impressed by my resume……it would be more money and has great potential to get even more money because the actual supervisor of the position is not moving down here from DC with the rest of the organization.  The only thing is I’d have to go to DC for 3 weeks to get training as a condition of employment….

Number one, three weeks away from by little boy, my husband and my critters is a long time.  Last time I was gone a week, little boy for a split second acted like he didn’t know me….that hurt even though it was a split second.  Secondly, I hate to travel by myself and that will be a source of severe anxiety….flying there won’t be so bad alone but getting a rental car and driving to the location..then driving back to the airport when I leave………..lots of traffic…..I hate it.  I’m a real woosey when it comes to major traffic which is why I could never live in a really big city….people are crazy on the road.

I won’t let the 3 week training decide whether to take the job if they offer it…..sure it will be scary but I couldn’t pass this up because it’s a great opportunity.

Not sure when I’ll hear back on it since I stayed home today with little boy who is sick and then Sunday I’m gone out of town for a week.  I haven’t even told my boss I interviewed (which I had planned to do this morning before I found out I had to stay home).  Oh well…..I guess we’ll see…..I thought I was ready for a changc butit sure is scary!!