Well yesterday I took my elderly cat Buster to the vet again because he just wasn’t getting better.  I did all kinds of research on what the problem might be…..suspect was Gingivitis Stomatatis (or something spelled like that) which is common in felines who are positive for the Feline AIDS (FIV).  He had all the symptoms for that which was very disturbing.  Buster had always been an indoor or restricted cat except for a short period when I moved back home with my mom and he was allowed outside.  The FIV is mostly spread through deep wounds from fighting and not so much from sharing food or water.  Buster had been in fights while living there but don’t know how bad.

Armed with this knowledge I asked the vet about it and also asked if we could try Amoxicillin since that’s what we used last year when he had an abcessed tooth and it seemed to help.  After examining him and stating that he had lost 2 pounds and was anemic, she more or less tried to hint that even if we pulled all his teeth or changed his antibiotic she was afraid it may be something else that might be preventing him from getting better. She didn’t say FIV but that could have been it…either way..even if he got better for awhile it would probably not last.

I knew what she was suggesting but neither her or my mom who I had forced to come with me would just come out and say it…..

The vet who was very understanding and nice told me not feel guilty but of course I do.  I don’t like making that kind of decision…almost playing God…  But I decided to go ahead.  I thought I was prepared for that news but you never really are.

I said good bye to my sweet boy and kissed his face and they took him away.  We brought him to my mom’s and buried him on the hill where so many other of our beloved pets are resting…..