I took off the afternoon to take Buster to the vet.  I drove all the way to the next town where my mom lives because I like the vet there and used to take all my animals there.  Buster’s abscessed tooth had burst and I think that helped the infection.  The vet recommended giving him a antibiotic shot mixed with an anti-inflammatory and then me giving him liquid antibiotic for 7 days.  She didn’t pressure me into having his teeth pulled or anything because of his age (he’s 15 we believe).  She listened to his heart and lungs and said they sounded good and with that she would feel more comfortable knocking him out to clean and pull teeth but as I already knew there is always a chance a cat that old won’t do well in surgery.

She suggested I take him home, give him the antibiotics and see how he does.  Then if I decide to I can bring him back for a teeth cleaning.  The thing about older cats and cats with dental issues is the older they get the more likely it is that this will happen again and next time he could swallow a tooth and get infection that could damage his insides.

I can already tell he feels better which made me feel better too.  I will start the liquid antibiotics tomorrow.  Luckily he’ll take it in his food.