I’m sad to say my oldest cat Buster is not doing very well.  At first I thought he was just getting old and just slowly going down hill after I noticed a couple of weeks ago how weak he seemed.  He couldn’t jump up on a chair without falling over.  After a dream about him dying in the yard and the dogs getting ahold of him, I brought him up to the screen porch so I could monitor him and make sure he is getting enough food.  Since the dogs have been running lose they tend to get into the cat food and since I have to feed them can food on the patio table….Buster may not always make it up there.

This week I noticed the right side of Buster’s face is swollen so I’m afraid he has an abcessed tooth again.  Last time he had one it burst before I even knew he had a problem and I gave him antibiotics I had left over from when the kittens were fixed.  He got better and was like a new cat.  This time I’m afraid he may need to go to the vet and have the tooth pulled.  Buster has a history of bad oral health.  He’s already had teeth pulled and cleaned but I’m not sure he could handle that again at his age.  I don’t want him to suffer though.

This just has me really upset.  I wish I still had some antibiotics left but I must have thrown it out when our power was out for 9 hours and a lot of the stuff in the fridge had to be thrown out.

I have a feeling this will be very expensive and the outcome will not be good which is why I am so upset.  But I know I need to do something very soon. 😦