Isn’t it funny how when we are young or we get really old….we speak our minds more.  I mean when we are middle age adults we think about things (usually) before we say them and more often than not….have regards for others feelings etc (most people anyways).

On the 4th I was over at my sister-in-laws house for a cookout and swim party.  I had brought over a new recipe I wanted to try…Buffalo Chicken Dip (very good).  We decided to try it almost as soon as we arrived then I got in the pool.  My 4 year old nephew was in the pool and I was saying something to him and he was looking at me with a grimace on his face.  When I finished he said to me  when the most serious look on his face “your breath is really bad”.  I apologized and said I had just had this dip.  He said “Well you should have eaten a cracker or something.  You know you really shouldn’t get in people’s faces after eating like that.”  He still had the most serious look on his face.  I couldn’t help but laugh and be mortified at the same time.  But the fact of the matter was…my breath was probably bad….Now most people would be a little more tactful about a bad breath situation…but not children…They say it like they mean it.

Later my mom tells me how she talking to my grandmother about a gift my mother had brought her last time we were there for a visit.  My grandmother tells my mom….”Awh I don’t use that.  It’s too much trouble to put up”.  That really hurt my mom’s feelings and she was like….she didn’t have to tell me that!….

Well we decided old people are the same way as children…they just speak their mind and are honest…. It’s only in between that we keep our mouths shut.  I don’t know which is better….