Last Saturday morning I got up early to work in the yard.  The weather has been so hot that I thought I would start early.  I enjoy the back yard so much better after it’s been mowing and weeded.  Husband doesn’t always pay enough attention to it since no one but us see it.  So I get up early and start to head outside and husband says I should mow yet because there is an ordinance against mowing before 8.  Of course I believe him (he was lying) but I look online and found no such ordinance and go out anyways.

When I get outside I start to thinking how it’s saturday morning and maybe people sleep later (people without 3 year olds) and maybe I’ll do some other things before I start up the mower.  Our Pampas grass was looking terrible and had been taken over with Poison Ivy.  I had sprayed some of the Poison Ivy a week ago but was afraid I’d kill the Pampas.  I get the hedge clippers (the big one for cutting bigger limbs and it has a longer handle) and start pulling out the poison ivy.  I’m very careful not to touch it but of course I’m walking all over the fallen leaves and at one point pulled out a root that I thought was the pampas but it wasn’t.  No worries I’ll wash my hands and arms really well when I get inside.  Later I mowed and transplanted some plants then went inside washed my hands then took a shower.

The next day little boy decides to unload the garden cart which was full of poison ivy vines.  Husband brings him in immediately and washes him up and thankfully so far he has not had any reaction.  Me on the other hand….

My inner elbow started itching a little but I thought maybe just a bug bite.  Then Monday I was sitting in a meeting and I felt some bumps up behind my ear and on my neck.  I’m thinking spider bite since I’d been bitten recently.  But it starts to spread and burn.  Still thinking spider I came close to going to the doctor but decided to look online when someone suggested it might be poison ivy… wounds didn’t look so much like the pictures I saw on line until I noticed a spot on my wrist….yep poison ivy.

The worse part is it’s mostly on my left ear and behind it as well as the right side of my neck.  My left ear lobe is larger than my right and is red and has big bumps on it….it burns like sun burn!  I’m miserable and my husband just laughs at me because I should have know better than to get out there in that stuff…knowing it was there.

I bought some Sarna cream which helped some.  Tried the baking soda and water thing….not really helping but then I read about putting GermX on it.  That actually helped and I was able to go to sleep last night but then my inner elbow started to itch again this morning.  The ear still burns and is still swollen…I just look gross.  I couldn’t go to work looking like this and whining like this so I stayed home.  I was going to post a picture but it was just too gross.

That poison ivy is still out there in that garden cart….I ain’t touching it again!