I have not posted lately because we’ve had a bit of sad news in our family.  After several months of battling lung cancer, my Mother-in-law passed away on the 14th of this month. Evidently she developed a clot in her leg that moved up into her lung and there was nothing that could be done then.  My husband is still beating himself up and wondering what could have been done.  My poor Mother-in-law died thinking most of her children had abandoned her.  She actually told two of them that my husband was the only one that took care of her.  That just makes me sad and I promised my own mother that I would never treat her the way my MIL was treated.

The graveside service was last friday but even before the funeral, my sister in law who never went over there (or rarely anyways) to check on her mother has spent more time over there taking what she wants than when her mother was alive.  I told my husband that things seem to be disappearing from his mother’s house.  I just can’t believe how some people are when it comes to a loved one passing away.

I sometimes fear the same thing will happen when my grandmother passes or my own mom.  People will be more worried about what they get than actually grieving the loss.  It’s just sad….

None of the siblings offered up any money to handle the burial expenses either and the decision was made to do a cremation.  Only after it was too late did any of them speak up and say she was uncomfortable with cremation but said to go ahead and do that.  My husband called but the cremation had already been performed.  It will be interesting to see if anyone offers to help pay and what happens to the money they make selling off her possessions and donations made. 

It’s just sad how true colors come out in time of crisis.  I know one thing I’ve learned from this….we need to make our arrangements now and not leave anything to chance.