Since daycare doesn’t do date night anymore, my mother-in-law has been sick, and my mom lives so far away and is not comfortable with little boy spending the night because she doesn’t see well, we haven’t really had a night to ourselves since last summer. I truly don’t trust very many people with my son.  I’m a little overly protective.  This summer my niece and nephew from the lower part of the state are up here visiting and I had this bright idea that my niece could babysit and spend the night. She just turned 14. Everyone agreed (not sure how much it’s going to cost me) and I go pick her up from my mom’s later this afternoon. Husband is taking me to the Melting Pot which is a fondue restaurant. Naturally a place with open flames would not be good place to take a little boy so we have not gotten to go there since it opened.  Husband and I really need a night out and I’m really looking forward to it.

Now little boy doesn’t know his cousin very well because we only see them a couple of times a year and he sometimes starts off shy with strangers but I’m hoping he’ll adjust and not be upset that we’ve left him.  My niece has never babysat before either but I think as long as they watch movies and she’ll play with him some it will be fine.  I guess we’ll see?