After stressing over it and putting it off I finally broke down and took off work early Thursday and took Rusty to the vet.  Since husband refused to help me I decided on calling the vet near my house.  If I had to I could even walk there since last time I tried to get Rusty near the car he stopped dead in his tracks and would not move.  I went to Petsmart and bought a new harness and leash and then let the dogs out of their pen and let them run around a bit before I attempted to put the harness on.

Rusty was quite willing to walk on the leash but as usual he resisted walking towards the car.  This trip I decided to put a sheet on the passenger seat and let him ride there.  Once he got in he was fine.  It was a very short ride and he was fine getting out and walking into the vet.  There are always curious smells as you walk to the door so he gladly checked those out and was very calm.

We got called back right away and I hate to admit it buy he weights 39.9 lbs….yikes what a fat beagle!  The assistant tried to take his temp but he was so sore “back there” she wasn’t able to.  The itching had gotten so bad he was very irritated “back there”, on his sides, and on the top side of his tail.  Although I had treated him recently with Frontline, we noticed he still had fleas and the diagnosis was he’s allergic to fleas.  I asked about the Thyroid and the doctor felt sure it was a flea allergy.  I was surprised he didn’t make a comment about his weight or his bad breath but he’s probably saving those comments for next time.

The vet recommended a fairly new product called Comfortis which is a tablet the dog swallows and when the flea bites it dies.  He also gave me some antibiotics and a steroid tablet for the itching.  He said it could take about three days to see relief from the itching but the flea stuff should work in about two hours.    I could afford to get the Comfortis for all the dogs since they would require a different weight dosage (at $74 bucks for a six month supply) so I will try treating them again with Frontline and see if that helps.  I really didn’t think there was a big flea problem but I guess when you are allergic, it only takes one.

Rusty willingly got back into the car and we drove home.  The bad part is, I’m going out of town on Sunday and it will be up to husband to give Rusty his meds.  The steroid should be given twice a day for 7 days then once a day for 7days plus there antibiotic is given twice a day.  I may have to call everyday and remind husband to do this plus right everything down.  I hate that waited so close to my trip to finally take him to the vet but I assumed he’d give him a shot.  The vet said because he needed such a high dose, a shot might mess with his adrenal glades and that’s bad.  I guess the doctor knows best. 

I just hope by tomorrow Rusty finds some relief from the itching at least.