I have been having trouble falling asleep lately so last night I took one Tylenol PM (Target version) and fell alseep pretty fast.  I really needed some sleep so I was glad.  But it’s funny the things that go through your mind and your dreams and how they probably relate back to what’s going on in your life.  I guess I’m more stressed than I thought.

I remember some of the things I dreamed.  One of them was that me and my mom were in an Antique store and I was making a decision on buying some old dishes.  As we were at the register I looked out the big picture window and it was as if we were in this small grocery store we used to go to at our old house.  There was a lot of traffic and then I see these dogs running around and towards the road.  At one point I was outside and tried to call one of them to get out of the street.  he came to me briefly and instead of a collar he had a watch around his neck.  He then ran away.  Next I’m back inside and I see where two of the dogs have been hit and people are around them trying to help them as two more dogs continue to run in the street.  I can remember a sense of helplessness.

 – In real life I’m having troubles with my dogs.  My beagle has a bad skin allergy which I can’t seem to get well and now the dogs are tearing stuff up to get out of the dog fence.  I am feeling helpless.  I’m very frustrated with everything to do with those dogs right now

– When my mom and I went out of town a couple of weeks ago I accepted a box of old dishes from my aunt.  They were her first dishes and were over 50 years old.  Neither one of her children wanted them and I felt bad.  (I’m the sentimental one) but the decision to take them was a hard one.

I know exactly what lead to this next dream.  I have a trip coming up and on certain days I have to report to the lunches or the banquet about an hour before everyone else for some type of practice.  This next dream was that I overslept past the time I was suppose to be there and here I was trying to get ready in a matter of minutes.  Very stressful dream……….

That will teach me to try and change my sleep patterns…:-)