I think I am getting tired of this rain.  Don’t get me wrong…rain is good but everyday?  And the worst part is that we had a 90% chance of rain today and it didn’t start till around 5pm….I had planned my day around it raining all day.  When it only rains for part of the day…in the summer…it just makes it more hot and more humid!  Thankfully this rain is bringing in a cold front so the weather won’t be so bad tomorrow and the rest of the week.  I just don’t like to sweat if I don’t have to.  The evening right now seems pretty ncie though.  I was sitting outside trying to hear a concert that’s playing over at the arsenal.  It’s Sugarland and I would have loved to have gone.  I’m sure it’s a good concert despite the fact those people are standing in the rain.  It’s funny that we can hear it at our house because it’s pretty far away I think.

Tomorrow I guess I’ll be in the back yard mowing and fixing the lattice work under our screen porch.  Rusty decided to chew a big enough hole for him and the other dogs to get through and get into the big part of the yard.  I discovered this yesterday when I stopped by the house at lunch to make sure Charlie, my small dog ddn’t have his his stuck between the gate and fence again….nope not stuck….roaming free in the part of the yard he’s not suppose to be in.  Rusty has just decided he doesn’t want in the dog yard.  Not sure if it’s because he is miserable or what.  He has a bad allergy or skin problem and I keep forgetting to call the mobile vet during their business hours.  I made myself a note to call Monday so hopefully I can get him some relief before I go out of town.

Speaking of going out of town, my trip to San Antonio is about wa week away.  I’m really excited about going although I will miss my boys.  Hopefully this will be my last trip away from them for a little while anyways.  The girls are planning a pilgrammage to Tunica in the Fall but that’s several months away.

I’m pretty much ready for the trip.  I got a new dress to wear to the Banquet and new shoes that I THINK I can walk in all evening. This trip is turning out to be pretty expensive already but it’s a special occasion so why not spend a little extra.  I can’t decide if I need to get a new suitcase before I go.  I have a very large suitcase but it’s super heavy and the fact that we have three people and luggage in one rental car….let’s just say there won’t be much room.  Thankfully out fourth person arrives at a different time so we don’t have to woryy about her luggage the first day…now going home might be a different matter.  We are staying until the afternoon that Saturday so we don’t have to rush to the airport at the crack of dawn.  I’d rather come home sooner but I have to do what my ride does because I won’t take a taxi….plus it gives me more time to eat Mexican food….I’m so looking forward to some Mexican food.