There were two “probable” cases of the pig flu reported in North Alabama yesterday.  They have not even been confirmed yet but they have closed the schools…which means my daycare has also closed today and tomorrow.  We didn’t watch the news last night so I was driving to work and heard the tail end of an announcement on the radio and quickly called husband to tell him that daycare may be closed before he headed over there.  Yep,  it’s closed so husband is working from home today and will take vacation tomorrow (since I will be out of town).

People here at work are wiping down their workstations and looking for hand sanitizer.  Sometimes I think they are doing it in jest but still I think they are going a little overboard.

I don’t know the circumstances of the two probable cases here other than they are children.  Don’t know if they have recently visited Mexico or anything.

I truly don’t think this will be wide spread or at least I pray it doesn’t but the media can sure get people scared.