As if some people’s immediate family drama wasn’t enough…some people end up marrying into the mother-load of drama, back-stabbing, bitchiness and craziness.  Not that my family has any drama really (well maybe my sister) but my husband’s family is a piece of work.  And it’s not just the siblings but their spouses too.

I’ve written before about my mother-in-law going through chemo and the fact that my husband’s sibling are showing their true colors by truly not helping where they need to be helping.  My husband of course defends them some but after yesterday and what I found out today..there isn’t that much to defend.  My MIL had chemo yesterday.  It’s an all day thing and the oldest son took her there and got her all checked in then my husband was suppose to go pick her up afterwards.  As far as we know no one came to sit with her or anything (which I personally think is sad and I’ve already told my own mother that if she ever went through that I would come sit with her whether she needed me to or not).  When husband came to get her she was not done and when she did get done it took over three hours to get her checked out of the hospital.  Husband had left his cell in the car but when they got home, no one had even called to check on her and no one was there.  He didn’t want to leave her alone but she insisted she’d be okay and he did get up very early this morning and go over and check on her.  He’s also there right now because no one is there.

Then I found out today that the crazy sister-in-law told my other sister-in-law that no one else is helping out except her husband and went on to talk about that and about a nephew who had been staying over there to help and how he was not neat and ate all the food (he’s 14, that’s what they do).  Okay this particular sister-in-law and her husband don’t work..they go to school and mostly online.  They are the ones with the most time and true he’s been very helpful even though at one point when it got really bad they both disappeared for a month because of his drug problem….husband and his older brother finally tracked them down and got them back to start helping again.  They also owe everybody money so the fact that they bitch because a 14 year old boy ate food that they might have bought (probably with food stamps) is kinda silly.  This sister-in-laws mouth is one reason I avoid her.  She runs her mouth and gets on everyone’s nerves (no wonder her husband has a drug problem)

Husband’s sister is still not helping enough and the older brother really isn’t either.  Heck sometimes I don’t think my husband is helping enough but he’s only one person.  I get so mad when he goes there to spend the night because he can’t track down anybody to help.

No matter who is helping or not….I would never say to one of my in-laws that my husband was the only one helping….That’s none of my business.  When it is needed for me to step in and help I will.  I’ve already said next time she has chemo I would go up there if no one else did and sit with her so she wouldn’t be alone.  I’m not that close to her but I would at least do that.

I don’t know…it just makes me mad how some people are and how they treat other people.