This will pretty much be a rant post for my own benefit.  I am on my second night in a row without my husband.  He is again spending the night with his mom because he has not heard from any of his 3 siblings.  I don’t even think any of them has bothered to call to see how their own mother’s doctor appt went.

A sick parent really brings out the true colors in people.  They are either going to be there or not which is pretty sad.  After telling my own mother all the things that have happened with my husband’s siblings and mother, I have promised her I will not be that sorry a human being.

I guess I’m just a different person or was brought up different or something.  If my mom was going through chemo and needed someone to be there…I would be there.  Husband’s siblings seem like they don’t even realize what’s going on. 

His younger brother has been helpful for the most part since he has no job but he has an addiction that will sometimes make him disappear.  We didn’t here from them for over a month until finally they were able to track him down and tell him they needed help.  He’s been there ever since that so I hope the fact that my husband is there now doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared again.  Husband’s older brother just seems to want to tell people what they need to do.  I think he may have stayed there overnight once.  I just know it struck me wrong that night husbands mother cried and asked if he would call Medicare for her because all the brother would do is TELL HER WANT SHE NEEDED to do….not realizing she needed his help.  And his sister…now there is a piece of work.  She’d always been so close to her mom and now…..she leaves her 14 year old son there to help and she feels that is her contribution.  Or she claims she has to work…she’s a waitress who works only a couple nights a week…..but I’ll bet if she wanted to go to the beach she would be able to get off.

When my mother-in-law was in the hospital she seemed to get more attention from all the children but now that she is out and going through the hard part of cancer….they just don’t get it.  She needs them….and they are not there.

And of course this makes me mad because my husband has to take more on both financially and  time wise.  It’s not that I don’t want him to not help his’s that I’m mad because his siblings are sorry sacks of poo!