We are getting a lot of pressure from little boy’s new daycare teacher about getting him potty trained so he can move up to the next class.  I think he’s now the oldest in the class and maybe the tallest.  I am ready for him to move up because although I liked this new lady at first because of her commitment to get him potty-trained but now it’s getting where she is fussing at us and him a little.  Also,  I have come to find out that she doesn’t always wipe the children when she changes their diapers…but that might be because she changes them while the children are standing up and twice she has put little boys pull-ups on backwards.  He did really well last week but after a long weekend home with us (and I’ll admit we have not been consistent and need fussing at) he was back to using his pull-ups. And yes we got fussed at.

Even though little boy is the oldest right now, he has always seemed to be pretty popular in his class.  Several mother’s have told me that their children talk about him all the time.  One little girl even told her momma she loved him which I thought was cute.  The other day my husband said that as soon as little boy entered the day care room, one of his little friends walked up to him and gave him a little toy that he had brought from home.  This might explain the many little trinkets little boy brings home each afternoon.  It made me laugh because it reminded me of gifts/offerings the people bring kings or mafia heads…LOL  Last week he brought home his Easter basket and besides the candy they had been given he had a couple small toys and two floral barrettes. …surely an offering from one of his girlfriends. 

Boy seems to be the king of daycare right now.  No wonder he’s not ready to move up to the next class…he’s got it made.