This blog has become more about my cat problems these days.  I am at my wits end with these two young cats.  I sometimes regret taking them in but then I realize what their life would have been if I had not then I’m glad I did.

I’ve been letting Dixie go out back for a couple of hours each afternoon when I get home.  I had canvassed the yard and covered up any hole under the fence and I was feeling pretty confident that she would not be able to escape so each day her trip outside got a little longer. Today as I watched her from the  kitchen window I suspected she was up to something.  She kept walking along the fence line at the very back of the yard.  Sometimes  she would seem to search along the bottom of the fence and sometimes she would stop and look up.  I knew once husband got home I would need to fetch her.  I didn’t want to just leave little boy in the house as I tried to catch her so when husband did come home I told him I’d have to catch my cat and bring her in before he could head over to his mothers which he had planned to do.  So I head outside and about that time that little turkey jumps up the tree in the corner of the yard and climbs right through the special cat fence I bought especially for trees.  I had a little trouble getting it up because of how close the tree was to the fence so evidently I didn’t do a good enough job.  This was the very tree that Bubba used to climb and now Bubba has to stay in the house.  She went through the wire and kinda walked along the top of the fence.  I was afraid she was going jump outward but I was able to go out the gate and go behind the fence and try and make her go back to the back yard.

Last year I started cutting all the bushes, limbs and weeds back there since husband would never do it….obviously what I had cut had grown back and I didn’t cut enough.  I had to make my way through that mess only to come to a dead end with a holly bush.  Luckily I was able to push Dixie back over the fence into the yard then make my way out of that mess again.

Itching the whole way back to the front I cussed the cat and cussed my husband because I am so afraid to go out of town and leave him in charge with escaping cats on our hands….and cussing because I was all itchy…  Fifteen minutes later after Rocky, Buster and Ernie and I chased Dixie around the back yard (the other cats were great helpers) I was able to catch her and bring her inside where she’ll stay for an undisclosed amount of time (house arrest).

Things would be okay just leaving the two younger cats in the house while I’m on travel but sometimes little boy starts heading out the back door before you can stop him from at least opening the door to go in or out and then of course cats escape.  I think last time I went out of town this happened as well as Dixie escaping into the front yard tree.

Husband keeps saying…”awh they’ll come home” or “they’ll be okay, cats roam free all the time” but I’m sorry not my cats.  They are strictly contained cats…or at least they used to be….  When they contained they are safer and less likely to catch something (not to mention they are all due their shots right now)  I don’t want to have to board them (the two young ones) and I can’t believe husband just doesn’t want to have to watch after them other than throwing them in the backyard.  Not sure what I’m going to do now.

I’m still feeling all itchy…no telling what I got in to in that brush….