I rented the Disney movie “Bolt” from NetFlix recently.  I thought I would see if little boy was even interested in it before I bought it.  I have learned that just because it’s popular or whether I like it or not…might not want to waste my money if boy isn’t interested.  Most recently I learned this from renting “WALL-E” from Netflix.  I loved it and of course we know how well it did with critics.  Little boy was not really interested.  So I sent it back and didn’t buy the DVD.

Little boy does however like “Bolt”.  We’ve already watched it several times this weekend and frankly it is a very cute movie.  Some parts even had husband laughing (the New York pigeons).  So I decided to go ahead and buy it before I send back the Netflix movie.  I went to Target Saturday…sold out then I went to the Walmart in my mom’s town….sold out.  I will check the Walmart near me tomorrow. I can’t believe I’m having trouble finding it.  It just came out!  If all else fails I will order it online.  It is a very cute movie and one we’ll probably watch several more times so well worth a purchase.