It was a beautiful day here in the south.  We let Dixie go out back today. This was her first time out since the daring escape and getting stuck in a tree episode. We were out in the back yard a lot of the day and I thought I’d watch her and make sure she didn’t get out. She did fine and was willing to come inside after awhile. (Of course wanted to go back out later).
I found a couple of places where she might have slid under the fence. Not sure if that’s how she got out or not. My guess is there is something the husband isn’t telling me since she got out on his watch….
We did enjoy a nice sunny Saturday afternoon though. We did a little yard work and cleaning up of the back yard. Little boy didn’t get a nap so he fell asleep around 6pm….dressed in his Buzz Lightyear costume and smelling of dog and the outside…..This is not surprising.  He was going 90 miles a hour all day.  Hopefully he’ll wake up in an hour or so so we can bathe him or at least get him out of that costume……:-)