I found out today that the city has bought up several apartment buildings at my end of town and are going to relocate the residents of the “public housing” there.  Their current residence  was downtown.  They plan on developing that area downtown (economic growth they said)  and want to de-centralize poverty in town by moving them all over the town.  Let’s just say I’m livid. 

There had been no reports of this plan on the news and the newspaper just recently found out.  It was all very under-handed if you ask me.  If I’d know I might have asked the mayor about it when my professional organization had him speak at our monthly meeting a couple of months ago.  They did this without giving the citizens of the neighborhood a chance to voice their opinion.  I’m sorry but we don’t want that in our neighborhood.  We currently have a nice quiet neighborhood with very littlel crime  and that’s going to change when you bring “public housing” into the neighborhood.  The public housing area where these people are coming from was so bad….Dominoes Pizza wouldn’t even deliver there..very high crime.  I don’t think moving them to a nicer neighborhood will change that…

One of the apartment buildings/complexes they bought is very close to my street and in our school district.  I’m not happy with this at all.  There goes my property value.  I feel so helpless……….

Evidently there was a neighborhood meeting monday night about it.  I asked the pastor at the church where little boy goes to daycare about it.  The meeting was at the church and the pastor also lives in the neighborhood.  He said Monday’s meeting had over 250 people and they had to have the police there (people were really pissed)  It’s probably a done deal but there will be another meeting in a couple of weeks.  I have emailed my councilwoman and will attend the meeting if I can.