I have discovered that facebook can be both addictive and dangerous.  When I first started playing with it I thought…”Oh this is fun finding people” and it was.  Then I started getting too curious…..searching for relatives and old boyfriends (don’t worry I told my husband and asked if he wanted to find old girlfriends).  Of course back in the day I must have only dated men with common names like Smith or Reed and of course found multiple people by the same name and not knowing where they live now I couldn’t be sure it was them (no picture attached).  Then I looked up a guy who I used to work with and dated for about 6 months.  I knew he still lived in the area and had married etc.  I found him and got to see what his wife looks like….LOL.

Tonight I’m playing around and being a Facebook Newbie I fooled around too much and typed in a last known email address for a guy and accidentally invited this email to join facebook!  Thankfully I don’t think I put the right email or it doesn’t belong to anyone.  Supposedly you can’t cancel a invite but I did block that email and erased the invite so hopefully if it does go to someone…..it won’t work.  How stupid can one be.

So if you are going to search for old flames etc…make sure you know what you are doing…

I’m still laughing at myself right now.