My dog Rusty has gotten so fat I’m not sure what to do.  I’ll admit I give my dogs too many snacks…probably out of guilt for not paying them much attention especially in the winter months but my other dogs are not as robust as Rusty.   I know I need to stop with the snacks every day.

Last summer when built a dog area (fenced a portion of the back yard) and maybe he just doesn’t have as much room to run but frankly all he did all winter is lay around and let the small dog lick all over him.  Of course he got fat….

I tried taking him to dog training last year as well but that didn’t go over very well because he doesn’t like to walk on a leash or at least I never could get him to.  I’ll admit I was not consistent but my little dog never had a problem with the leash…he loved walking.  It didn’t help the fact that every time we came home from training that my female dog (queen of the yard) would tear him a new one because he got attention.  She actually acted like she was going to kill him.  He just ignored her and was submissive but still I’m sure he didn’t like that and associated going walking or going in the car with getting abused when he returned.  Poor dog.

Today we were in the back yard cleaning up and mowing and frankly getting the back yard ready to enjoy during spring and summer.  We’d let the dogs out with us and that dog was so fat and stinky I knew that I would not be able to take him to the vet for his shots and to get his allergies checked out.  I don’t even think I could lift him if I had to. I decided to call the local mobile vet and have her come to the house to tend to my critters because it would be too dramatic to deal with getting Rusty to a vet the way he is now.

What else can you do with a fat dog who won’t walk?  Diet dog food?