I wear a suit or jacket about once or twice a month when I have a meeting or our monthly professional organization meeting/lunch.  Being overweight I am not comfortable in dress clothes and I frankly it makes me look even less professional trying to look professional….(more reasons to keep at the losing weight thing). 

Today is our monthly luncheon so last night I start trying on jackets to see which ones still fit me and then I would walk into the master bedroom and look in the full mirror.  Little boy was sitting on the bed watching Batman Forever.  Every time I would walk in he would say “no mama” and shake his head….every time.  Then this morning after settling on a favorite black jacket, a red sweatery-type shirt and a nice black and white skirt….I walk in there and he says “No mama” again.  Then later in the morning I have taken the jacket off as I’m getting ready and walk in there and he says “Yes mama”……this made me laugh.  He preferred the outfit without the jacket evidently…..LOL.  Of course that look just outlined the fat around my waist so that’s a no go…even if little boy likes that look better….LOL

Fashion critic at the age of 3!