After a pretty tiring and busy day at work yesterday I get home and check the mail and I have a bill from the University of Alabama in Birmingham Medical Center. That’s where we went for my First Trimester screening and ultimately found out we lost the baby.

I open the bill and to my surprise it was a bill for close $274! They charged $94 for basically the 7 minute conversation with this big tall gal regarding genetics and my chances of carrying a baby with downs and $200 for my maybe 8 minutes or less in the ultra sound room where it was pretty obvious right off that something was wrong with the baby. Even I thought the U/S looked wrong when they first put it up on the screen and it didn’t take long before the doctor said he had some bad news. My $20 co-payment brought my visit down to $274!

Of course that put me in a really bad mood. Not only did it bring up what had happened again and invoke memories of that particular day but it pissed me off how much money I’ve spend with a not so good results…nothing to show for it but a broken heart.

When husband got home he saw the bill on the counter and said “Damn!”. He couldn’t believe how much they charged either but then we decided I should hold off paying because it hasn’t even been 3 weeks and they probably just haven’t heard back from the insurance. Surely my insurance will pick up some of that……. The bill said insurance that my insurance paid $0 but I’m going to wait and see.

Although I’m doing okay, my wound is still too fresh to start to have to make phone calls to UAB and to my insurance bitching about a bill.

And I really am doing okay. I was thankful that I’ve only had to tell a couple of people about being pregnant and the miscarriage since most everyone knew already. I had one lady come up to me this week actually as I was standing by the elevator and ask how the little momma was doing and I smiled and shook my head and told her I lost it. I’m a lot stronger now and can actually say it without tearing up. Only thing that bothers me sometimes is people saying “It wasn’t meant to me”…..I mean obviously I know this but I don’t need joe blow telling me this…..that doesn’t help