Today I decide to install my new peg board for my scrapbook room.  After reading all about how to do it and observing the peg board I already had put up in there I began my work.

First off I had to find some pieces of wood to use with the screws so that the peg board would not be flush with the wall.  This is needed so that the pegs can actually go into the holes.  So I had bought some wooden sticks and got the saw and cut them up into pieces…perfect.

Then I got into the garage and get my husbands drill and the bits and come upstairs and decide I need to drill holes in my sticks.  I had already gotten the level and decided where my first piece of pegboard would go and marked the holes in the walls.

So I’m down in the floor trying to drill holes in these sticks and no matter what bit I try it is not going through this wood.  I thought about calling husband and asking him which bit to use but decided against it.  So I kept trying for about 15 minutes then decided I’d move on to drilling holes in the wall..afterall drywall wasn’t so bad but then I decided to change the bit to a screw driver bit and try and screw a screw in.  That’s when I realized the drill was in reverse…………when I changed the setting..of course I could drill holes.  I felt so stupid and am glad I didn’t call my husband…LOL

So the peg board is now up and I’m starting to go through and organize my stuff.  It’s going to take awhile to get totally done since I also need to weed through my closet area and get rid of some stuff plus move the treadmill out of that room.  At least now I will be able to find all my stuff to pack for the scrapbook retreat.

Which reminds me……when I delivered my retreat deposit to my friend I noticed a catalog on her desk from a company I had never heard of called Close to my Heart .  I really liked the looks of some of the products and the ideas were great too.  My Friend tells me later that one of the gals going on the retreat just signed up to be a distributor and she might even teach a class on the retreat.  Cool beans!