I bought the latest Biggest Loser diet and exercise book today.  I always enjoy and am inspired when I watch the show so I thought I would check out the book.  It also didn’t hurt that I saw some pictures of myself from my last luncheon meeting which totally made me realize I have to do something.  The pictures were horrible and I was so upset and embarrassed by them….I have gotten so fat!  It’s very obvious how fat I am because you can see it in my face…or chins….

The books seems to have a lot of recipes and exercises in it.  The main key is taking the time to change your life…something I have not done.  I always have excuses…..that’s why everything in my life is in turmoil….excuses excuses.

This weekend is grocery shopping weekend so I plan on really making a list and buying more healthy foods and taking the time to plan my meals. 

I’m also hoping my heel will not get flared up again so I can actually start walking.  I’m so bad.  Somebody wanted me to walk over to the other building and help them plus I needed to walk over and see my friend and give her my deposit for the scrapbook retreat and I made EXCUSES for both because I didn’t want to walk over there.  My foot was hurting and walking too much does make me cramp still but the fact that I made excuses and got out of it was very bad of me. 

I wish the fact that I bought this diet book would help my situation but alas it does not.  I found that out when I bought “You on a Diet”…….never even finished it and didn’t do a darn thing it said.  I’ll try and do better with this one.