My scrapbook retreat is about a month away and I’ve been thinking about what all I should bring and the fact that I need to go through all my pictures and print out the pictures I want as well as think about the sizes to print.  I sat down with a bunch of scrapbook magazines and hopefully that will inspire me.

As I looked at some of the layouts it came to me……I need to scrap more pictures of our life.  Most of my pages have been of little boy.  I completely have overlooked my husband, the cats, my dogs, other family members, and even myself!  I found tons of ideas from these magazines.

When I first started scrapbooking I scrapped almost every picture I took.  Most of these were from when my husband and I first got together.  They aren’t very fancy scrapbook pages…beginning scrapper that I was..but they told the story of our life….and did it in a little bit of a more fancy way than just a bunch of pictures in an album.  When little boy came along all my pages were of just him…They were more artsy and were highlight just him  and not that anything was wrong with that but it’s like we were completely OUT OF THE PICTURE…..

Scrapbooks are suppose to tell the story of OUR lifes…..our whole family.

So hopefully during my retreat I can get back to scrapping our lifes….as well as that precious little boy who is at the center of it. 🙂

Re-organizing the scrapbook room is also inspiring me again.  It’s funny how you buy stuff to use then completely forget about it because you have so much as it is.  I keep wanting my scrapbook room to be perfect but I need to realize…it’s better to be a place I enjoy and can find all my stuff than some fancy room I can show off on my blog….LOL.